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Remodeling / Restyling

There might come a time when you would like to update or change the fashion of your fur garment.  Or maybe you inherited a fur garment that does not fit or is the wrong style for you.

One of the benefits of owning a natural product like fur is that we are able to re-cut and re-sew the fur into a different style of your choosing.  We also might be able to change the texture using modern techniques such as shearing and grooving.  If the condition warrants it, we also might be able to dye your fur into a different color.  There is also is the possibility that combining various techniques would give you the best alternative.  

The next chapter of your fur garment's life could be the best one yet.  If you are not enjoying your fur in it it's current style, then considering remodeling it might be right for you.  We suggest that you contact us to discuss further and make your appointment to explore all your options and possibilities.  It is one of the great and exclusive advantages of owning a fur.  So don't wait any longer - call us today!

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