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  • Recommended once a year using our gentle non-abrasive natural cleaning compounds.

  • Glazing (think of it as a conditioner) restores the luster. Topical finish.

  • Remodel your garment into an updated style.

  • Restyle to give it a whole new and fresh look.

  • Conversions into fur lined / trimmed garments with choice of fabric.

  • Shearing with / without grooving gives new texture and look while making garment lightweight.

  • Complimentary with new fur garment purchase.

  • Determines retail valuation for insurance purposes only.

We do all kind of services on furs leathers and shearling
  • A must during the hot summer months to preserve the natural beauty of your fur(s).

  • Stored in our temperature / humidity controlled vaults.

  • All garments are inspected with buttons, hooks, and rings fastened at no charge.

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